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Happy Birthday Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Today, we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Grays Harbor Lighthouse's inaugural night of service. The landscape, people, and beach have changed over the years, but a hardworking group of volunteers has made sure that our lighthouse stays as proud and strong as ever.  Here's a quick look at the history and background of our fantastic friend: At 107 feet tall, the Grays Harbor Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Washington State. Considered by its architect, Carl Leick, to be his masterpiece, the Grays Harbor Lighthouse is the pride of Westport, Washington, and Grays Harbor County. ​ Construction of the lighthouse began in 1897.  On June 30, 1898, a dedication ceremony was held at the base of the lighthouse and that night marked the first official service of the Grays Harbor Light. Originally located approximately 300 feet from the water’s edge, the lighthouse now sits about 3,000 feet from the high tide mark. This change occurred from land accretio

Celebrating 120 years of lighting the way to Grays Harbor

The Keepers are working hard to prepare the lighthouse for thousands of visitors this summer. June 30 is the 120th anniversary of the very first lighting of the lighthouse. Come celebrate with us!